Posted on: 13 January 2021

CNWL is looking for Digital volunteers to help carers get online and use technology.

CNWL has launched a project to reach carers, including a broader group of ‘digitally unconfident’ carers, who may need more support with online services during the pandemic.

During this winter, we want to be able to offer carers improved connectivity, overall wellbeing and reduce feelings of loneliness by:

To reach as many carers as possible CNWL is looking for Digital volunteers with good IT skills and the time, patience and enthusiasm to pass them on. Digital volunteers offer advice, information and support to carers who want to get online, learn how to use digital technology and improve the NHS experience for themselves and those they care for.  

View the job description with the links to apply on the document below:

Digital Volunteer Role Description

Also, from February/March we will be delivering more Wellbeing workshops by CNWL’s Recovery College.

Our Recovery College will work together with carers to understand their specific needs. We will also offer workshops aimed at building resilience and coping with difficult situations and emotions, as well as general health and exercising with the aim of improving mood, reducing irritability and building immunity.

We are launching a survey to gather insight from carers directly on their digital needs, wellbeing workshops preferences and the link for this survey will be online soon.