Posted on: 29 January 2021

“Taking PrEP is the best way to reduce your risk of contracting HIV” This HIV Testing Week CNWL says book an appointment after your negative HIV test to see if you’re eligible for PrEP medication for free on the NHS

National HIV Testing Week starts on 1 February 2021 to promote regular testing for HIV. Regular testing helps to reduce the number of people living with undiagnosed HIV and those diagnosed late. There is more information on how to get tested next week here.  

The Trust also now offers PrEP medication to people at risk of contracting HIV. 

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – It’s HIV prevention medication in the form of a pill which can be given to someone who does not have HIV to prevent the risk of catching HIV. Most commonly, PrEP is taken once every day. 

Eva Jungmann, Clinical Director for CNWL Sexual Health Services said 

“We are really excited to have been the first service to offer PREP free on the NHS. After taking part in the PREP Impact trial for many years we knew that people who take PrEP correctly and consistently reduce their risk of getting HIV by between 92 and 99 per cent.

“We offer PrEP to those at a higher risk of contracting HIV. A clinician  will assess your HIV-risk and determine if you are eligible for free NHS-funded PrEP. If you are at risk then taking PrEP is the best way to reduce your risk of contracting HIV but it is really important that you talk to a sexual health expert first before starting PrEP.”

Appointments to start PrEP are available in our London and Surrey clinics for:

  • Men who have sex with men and trans women who have had condomless anal sex in the last six months
  • People whose partner is HIV positive and is having condomless sex, unless their partner has been on HIV treatment for 6 months and their viral load is less than 200
  • Anyone who was registered on the Impact PrEP trial with another service.

If any of these apply to you contact CNWL on 020 3317 5252 for an appointment.  If none of the above apply to you but you are concerned about your HIV risk you can still call the clinic to  book an appointment to discuss your options. Information and guides on PrEP are available from i-base