Posted on: 18 May 2022

We are publishing in full the Voice Exchange Report from Healthwatch - 96 pages. (View the plain text version)

The whole story is contained within the report but CNWL commissioned Healthwatch to take an in depth view about mental health services in Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. It was to assess experiences and preferences in the light of the temporary closure of the wards at The Gordon at the start of the pandemic (in March 2020) and to help CNWL formulate options for a further public consultation about those services later this year.

The main recommendations are:

Voice exchange report - Main recommendations.png

However the report covers much more ground than this – it considers feedback from a variety of sources and provides food for thought as well as preferences for the kind of services people would like to see – shown visually in the report in a number of charts and diagrams like this one:

Mental Health inpatient services diagram.png

We have asked Healthwatch to continue this project to help staff reflect on the ideas and points raised.

As the report says:

Voice exchange report quote.jpg

Ann Sheridan, Managing Director for CNWL’s Jameson Division (covering KCW, Brent and Harrow) said,

“We wanted a frank and independent view to help us formulate options for a public consultation around mental health services and The Gordon Hospital.

“Healthwatch have given us considered thoughts from a variety of sources in what is a thoughtful and frank report.

“Our next step is for staff to read and reflect on it, to absorb the thinking it identifies to help shape our future – as staff, patients and carers.

“Thanks very much to Healthwatch for their valuable work.”

Christine Vigars, Chair of Healthwatch Central West London said: 

“Our work with CNWL on the Voice Exchange has demonstrated the importance of listening to people with lived-experience of mental health services and the potential for improvement once Hospital Trusts take on board the views of those who use their services. We look forward to seeing the impact of this work in the implementation of the recommendations and to continuing the collaborative work  with CNWL on the Voice Exchange in 2022......” 

CNWL has reported regularly to Westminster Council and published the written reports. Read the latest report.

CNWL April report for the Gordon - Westminster.png

CNWL April report for the Gordon - K&C.png

CNWL April report for the Gordon - Mental Health Jameson Division.png