Posted on: 16 June 2023

CNWL received a Bronze Award this week from the Rainbow Badge assessment programme.

This is the first year the Trust has entered the scheme which looks at how well NHS Trusts support LGBT+ people in healthcare and how well they tackle the issues the LGBT+ community face in the workplace and in services.

The assessment covers a range of categories including staff, patient and carer experience, policies and workforce arrangements and overall inclusivity.

The Trust’s own LGBT+ Staff Network – PRIDE@CNWL - which has been running for 12 years, led the programme of work to identify areas for improvement and reflection.

The workforce assessment category is where CNWL scored the highest with a Gold Award.

Staff were asked about the LGBT+ information and messages they have received over the past year and all four requirements were achieved.

Graeme Caul, Chief Operating Officer at the Trust and Executive Sponsor of the network, said:

“It’s great to be part of this programme to improve experiences for LGBT people in our services. It’s so important to understand the individual and all their needs to give them the best possible care. Having visible LGBT+ role models and rainbow symbols helps staff to bring their whole selves to work and that means patients feel safe to open up. We know we can always do better and this initiative expands on the work we are already doing to support our LGBT staff, patients and carers. We have a strong LGBT network, which I’m extremely proud to be part of, who support staff and lead our awareness training to overcome any barriers. I encourage staff and patients to speak up if they come across anything of concern too.“

CNWL has rated in the Stonewall TOP 100 LGBT+  Friendly Employers Index for the last eight years and will continue to enter this scheme alongside the new programme.

The next step for Pride@CNWL and for CNWL’s submission to the rainbow badge scheme next year is to expand on the essential training for staff about inclusivity.

The programme is a collaboration of different Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) foundations, supported by NHS England, and includes the LGBT Foundation, Stonewall, the LGBT Consortium, Switchboard and GLADD.