Posted on: 24 April 2023

CNWL is piloting some new training for staff who work in adult inpatient services. The training will raise further awareness of the needs of autistic people while they are staying in our services and the reasonable adjustments staff may need to consider; together with the person with lived experience of autism.

This training is being launched in April to coincide with Autism Acceptance Month and alongside the Trust’s coproduced materials to help staff better support Autistic people 

This is what our staff had to say about the pilot sessions:

Great training! It is so important for everyone to be aware of autism to better support the patient.

I particularly liked the co-presentation element and hearing the expert by experiences voice and perspective this was really meaningful / valuable.

I now have more knowledge on how to look after a patient with autism. I will give them time and listen to them. I now understand how to give them space and care holistically

If you work at CNWL and wish to attend, staff can sign up through the Learning and Development Zone (LDZ).