Posted on: 17 October 2022

Millie, one of CNWL’s receptionists has put together an amazing board about black history to celebrate Black History Month. The board can be found at CNWL’s office in Argo House and has been viewed by many staff reading all the facts and admiring the images.

Black History Month.jpg

Millie said:

Black History Month is a time to honour the commitment to learning and dismantling white supremacy.

We are not problems to be solved, theories to be explained or props to be used.

I wanted this board to show that our lives are more than the terror used against us.

We are more than resistance, we are more than pain.

October is a time to recognise and celebrate the Black population of this country who have ALWAYS been here.

We have ALWAYS made history and ALWAYS will.

Thank you Millie for all your hard work in helping us all understand black history!