Posted on: 3 June 2021

CNWL is developing a six-month pilot project which will trial the use of Konnect – the only TV based health and wellbeing system.

What is Konnect?

Konnect is a tele-health system that enables people to have two-way video calls through their television. The device was developed by Kraydel and designed specifically for older adults. Konnect has integrated sensors built in which can give an overview of the user’s wellbeing. It also has optional Bluetooth devices such as a blood pressure monitor and an oximeter to support wellbeing.

What are the features of Konnect?

  • Video calls can be made between users
  • Data from health and wellbeing devices can be displayed on the TV screen
  • Medication reminders, messages and questions can be directed to the user’s television

What are some of Konnect’s Security Measures?

  • No data is stored on the device
  • The device operates on a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved Cloud-based system
  • Video calling is restricted to authorised callers only
  • It can be connected via Wi-fi, Ethernet or via integrated 4G Port

How will CNWL use Konnect?

CNWL’s pilot will be rolled out for patients being discharged from Ellington Ward and patients receiving support from the Older Adult Community Mental Health Team (OA CMHT) in Harrow. The trial will specifically target individuals with mild to moderate mental health needs and/or early onset dementia. The aim will be:

  • To support older adults in stepping down from Ellington ward and to offer support once they’ve been discharged
  • To help individuals who are receiving support from the OA CMHT to remain well in the community, in a less restrictive setting

CNWL will evaluate the benefits of using Konnect by considering patient experience, carer experience and staff experience.

There will be studies before and after the six-month trial period with patients who give consent to participate. Individuals who give consent would access hub support for up to 12 weeks before handing it back for reallocation – the hub will be sanitised between users.

What are the next steps?

  • CNWL will finalise the pilot and place 10 units within Harrow
  • The plan is for Konnect to go live in mid-June
  • Based on the results of the pilot, Konnect may be rolled out more widely across the OA CMHT

Vandana Datta, Manager for Harrow Older People CMHT, said “We are excited about the pilot as it would give us an opportunity to try out a system that provides a more responsive and supportive service to individuals who have been affected by the restrictions brought on by Covid. This will hopefully support those who have limited social engagements and less opportunities to meet professionals and friends to support their wellbeing.”