Posted on: 1 May 2024

CNWL is officially leading the way in recognising the enormous contribution admin professionals make to the NHS.

On National Administrative Professionals Day, CNWL launched Proud2bAdmin, a staff network that is dedicated to connecting, empowering and developing admin professionals in their careers.

Proud2bAdmin was launched in style with 250 admin staff from all parts of the Trust.

It was a conference for admins, made by admins, with keynote speakers who are proud to admins!

CNWL’s Director of Strategy and Integration, Meera Mistry, led the day with an inspirational message about progress:

“If you had asked me, being the band 3 admin that I was at the time, and you told her that today was going to happen, I wouldn’t have believed you. The fact we’re together as a profession recognising and celebrating the work we do and the skills we have, is incredible. I embrace fully the profession that has given me the skills and ability to get me where I am today.”

Emma Challans-Rasool who founded the Proud 2b movement launched the Proud2bAdmin@CNWL network. Emma led the conference in an interactive workshop that started to build a foundation in which CNWL can use to grow the Proud2bAdmin network.

Emma said, “It was a truly magical day, it was a full house and felt brilliant to be with my administrative professional peers. This is the start of something special! The day was so energising and CNWL is going on one exciting journey and we cannot wait to see this network grow and develop over time.”

Managing Directors of all the Trust’s divisions were there to show their support and fully get behind the Proud2bAdmin movement. Together they led the award section where individuals and teams were recognised for the contribution they make to CNWL. Some award categories received over 25 nominations.

Director of IT, Owen Powell was in attendance showcasing the technological advances admins can use to their advantage, including new apps powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

Stallholders from sexual health, volunteering, quality improvement (QI) and infection prevention and control all came to showcase and raise awareness of their work.

The new network will be holding a virtual event on 4 June to go through the next steps.

Staff can find out more about Proud2bAdmin@CNWL by searching 'Being a CNWL admin' on Trustnet.  

There will be another Trustwide Admin conference next year.