Posted on: 5 October 2022

CNWL’s Auxilia Matina, Team Lead and Youth Justice Specialist Practitioner, won the Chief Constable’s Award for Thames Valley at a ceremony on 27 September.

Auxilia set up the Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service in Milton Keynes Police Custody in October 2016.

The service is an all-age vulnerability model service and focuses on mental health, learning difficulties, homelessness, drug, alcohol and social issues.

In a statement read out at the ceremony, AssistantAuxie Award 2.jpg Chief Constable Tim Metcalfe said that service had grown “Auxie’s leadership qualities”.

He added: “She is very passionate, determined, compassionate and works well with other stake holders to achieve the best possible outcome for the detained persons. She is looking forward to another ten years of working in partnership with Thames Valley Police.

“Auxie would like to acknowledge and appreciate her loving husband Felix, caring mother Jane who are here today with her and her son Tadie, brother Ben, family, friends and the L&D team for all the support and encouragement they have given her over the years.”