Posted on: 22 February 2024

Brigid App 1.jpgIn 2023, CNWL trialled the Brigid app in several of its mental health wards. The Brigid app pilot project team behind this program has been recognised for their quality improvement work, receiving the Chair’s Award from the Improvement Academy.

The Brigid app gives clinicians the ability to seamlessly record patient information using a tablet device. This information is then instantly streamed to SystmOne, the NHS’s electronic patient record system. This process helps to prevent staff from repeating the same paperwork and ensures real time information is readily available for patients.

The pilot project tested the Brigid app in nine wards and successfully demonstrated its effectiveness in recording vital signs and generating NEWS2 scores – The National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) is a recognised tracking tool which identifies and responds to early signs of patient deterioration.

Additionally, four wards explored the app’s potential for recording patient observations. Using this method, information is fed into a patient’s electronic records ensuring that they are always up to date and available for care professionals. The patient can then count on staff having quick access to accurate information about their care.

Brigid App 2.jpgMatron, Samuel Opoku-Mensah, who was instrumental in the pilot's success, shared feedback from Kershaw Ward: "Brigid is an amazing innovation that aids clinical intervention in the delivery of care in a swift manner. It’s so inspiring for us that this programme has been acknowledged by the Improvement Academy.

The project will now be expanded Trustwide to all inpatient units over 2024. The initial rollout will provide all inpatient wards access to NEWS2 and the ability to remotely record close and intermittent observations.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Simon Edwards, added: "We are excited to be rolling out the Brigid app technology across our inpatient wards. The project team has shown that it is improving the working life of staff, improving time spent caring for patients and most importantly, improving patient safety. It benefits everyone."

Congratulations to all the pilot teams at the following wards: Eastlake; Ellington; Ferneley; Hazel; Kershaw; Rochester West; The Older Person’s Assessment Service, Tasman and Willow.