Posted on: 11 December 2023

In a vibrant display of unity, CNWL Trust executives pledged support for all staff with disabilities on International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


This event also heralded the beginning of UK Disability History Month (UKDHM).


Keri Stephenson, DEN+ Network Co-chair, who opened the event, said, "It was fantastic to see everyone come together today to celebrate International Day for persons with disabilities and participate in our purple party."


The highlight of the day was the pledge and commitment made by executives to support all disabled staff, including those living with long-term disability conditions and neurodivergent conditions.


Keri also mentioned, "The three pledges just mean so much and it’s really starting to break down barriers, hopefully to a more accessible CNWL."


J’nelle James, Head of Equality Diversity Inclusion, shared her delight about the day's events.


She expressed particular satisfaction in witnessing the executive team sign not only one but all three pledges: “I was particularly excited about the business ability form and having more specialised expert advice and support from managers”.


“Also, being able to have a dialogue with colleagues about assistive technology and how the network is really helping to shape a more inclusive culture in CNWL NHS."


UK Disability History Month serves as a crucial platform, shining a spotlight on the historical struggles for equality and human rights within the disabled community.


The Purple Party not only celebrated diversity and set a positive tone for the month-long observance of UK Disability History Month, reaffirming CNWL Trust's commitment to creating a workplace that embraces and supports individuals of all abilities.


Around the world people proudly wear purple to show their support for International Day of Persons with Disabilities, that’s why DEN+ celebrates with a purple party.