Posted on: 23 January 2023

The Lived Experience of Mental Health and Stigma Transformation (LEMHIST) Staff Network visited CNWL’s Executive Team this morning to raise awareness that Time to Talk Day is only a week away.


Time to Talk Day takes place every year on 2 February and is all about creating supportive communities by having conversations with family, friends, or colleagues about mental health.

We all have mental health, by talking about it we can support ourselves and others.

Open conversations in communities and workplaces are great for supporting everyone’s mental wellbeing, that’s why we invite you to use the LEMHIST Staff network’s SOS (Stamp out stigma) - Bring Your Story to Work Campaign resources and materials:  

You can use these resources as a way of making Time to Talk Day more personal to CNWL and get behind our Stamp out Stigma (SOS) – Bring your story to work campaign.

You may ask, how could I use these resources? Well, we’ve got a few ideas for you:

  • Show one of the SOS videos in team meetings
  • Invite colleagues to write a pledge about how they will stamp out the stigma attached to mental health conditions.
  • Share, Tweet, talk about CNWL’s SOS Campaign in your teams
  • Put up the SOS posters in your workplace to start conversations on Time to Talk Day
  • Download the SOS email banner to add to your email signature to let colleagues know you support the campaign

Above all else this Time to Talk Day, make a loud, proud and visible promise to yourself on how you’ll bring more of who you are and your story to work so you can be your authentic self.

Time to Talk Day Lunch with CNWL’s LEMHIST Network

Where:  Argo house

When: 12pm -2pm 2 February

Open to all staff members, we’ll have sandwiches, teas, coffees and  biscuits.

We’ll show the SOS campaign video and make ‘time to talk’ together as a community.

We’ll also have the SOS pledge post box nearby to collect your #MySOSPledge, which can be named or anonymous or posted on social media, as our colleagues below have done: