Posted on: 30 September 2022

Lucy Sinclair-Burton, Assistant Psychologist with our Kensington and Chelsea Community Mental Health Team (Older People and Healthy Ageing) is set to compete in the London Marathon.

She will join about 40,000 participants in the race on Sunday 2 October, running in support of her best friend Ruby, who is affected by Huntington’s Disease (HD) - a rare neurodegenerative disorder that causes a multitude of cognitive, movement and psychiatric disorders.

“HD has been a huge part of Ruby’s life since she was 15,” says Lucy. “Ruby’s Mum is one of the few people who is affected by the brain disorder. Her Grandad sadly died from the disease and her aunty Kathy is in the late stages of it.

“Ruby finds it incredibly difficult to watch her Mum deteriorate and her independence fades daily. Not only is she a young carer, the disease is genetic, meaning Ruby has a one in two chance of carrying the defective gene,” she says.

Lucy has raised over £2,800 for the Huntington’s Disease Association, and you can view her Just Giving page here. She wants to spread awareness for HD, fundraising to help with research as well as support for people and families affected.

The experience has improved Lucy’s overall wellbeing, and helped her decompress after long and difficult days at work.

“I feel a mixture of excitement and nerves in the lead up to Sunday's event. Everyone's support fills me with the motivation to complete this huge challenge. There have been many mental and physical barriers I have had to face whilst running such long distances during my training and I’m looking forward to seeing my hard work and determination pay off.”