Posted on: 8 February 2023

CNWL hold a professional career fair for new recruits and trainees interested in joining one of the different psychology professions within the Trust. 

"Overwhelming agreement to repeat the event in the future."

A range of people turned up on the day, from the newly qualified to well established psychotherapists.  Attendees where able to meet the teams, learn more about their area of expertise and how their career can progress in CNWL.

Chief Psychologist, Dr Christopher Whiteley said - “My favourite gem from the day was a colleague who received an e-mail during the afternoon from someone withdrawing from the offer of a post in their service they had been working really hard to fill, and was really disappointed.  But during the course of the afternoon one of the visitors to the fair was really interested in the role and they set up and interview date and time, there and then.”

Dr Sian Williams: ‘Adventures in journalism and psychology’

The fair included two keynote speakers:

  • Amanda Bueno, spoke about Open Dialogue - a psychological approach the World Health Organisation recommends as best practice.
  • Dr Sian Williams, BBC journalist and psychologist at CNWL’s Centre for Anxiety.

CNWL’s Director of Therapies, Ryan Kemp, spoke about the event- “It was so encouraging to be in a room buzzing with energy, people looking for roles and others eager to have them join their teams. I also think it has helped our services work together on these recruitment challenges, realising we have common struggles. Overwhelming agreement to repeat the event in the future.”

The event was coordinated by Kelechi Matthias, Assistant Psychologist for Workforce Development of Psychology Professions.

Luke O'Connor (Westminster OPHA Memory Service), Dr Chris Wilson (Harrow Psychology), Guy Harman (Hillingdon Psychology Community Health) and Dr Sarah Blainey (Autism Specialist and LD Lead)

During the day the team asked attendees what they thought of the fair, see their responses below: