Posted on: 18 September 2023

Syena Skinner, CNWL’s Associate Director of Recovery, Inclusion and Learning recently spoke at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Proud to Care Conference, where they engaged with staff to bring their values to life. Syena talked about the work CNWL has been doing around organisational culture and developing our SCARF framework. Feedback from attendees was positive with a lot of interest in the values based framework that the has Trust developed.


SCARF stands for Safe, Compassionate, Accountable, Reflective and Fair. It is CNWL’s cultural and behavioural framework and we want it to be reflected in everything we do. The behaviours help create and maintain an inclusive mindset and culture where we are fair to our people and those that use our services. Where we all feel enabled, supported and empowered to see situations as opportunities to learn.

A lot has happened since we first launched. The Trust held SCARF week last year – a week dedicated to raising awareness of SCARF, where staff shared how it’s reflected in the work they do and the services they lead. We have also created this animation. More work is happening behind the scenes and the Trust is continuing to find ways to develop and implement our SCARF culture.

Syena Skinner - SCARF and organisational culture talk.jpg