Posted on: 20 April 2023

CNWL's first ever Safeguarding Conference took place virtually yesterday with almost 400 attendees from across the organisation.

Facilitated by CNWL's

  • Colleen Simon, Head of Social Work, Social Care, Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act
  • Emma Kay, Interim Head of Safeguarding Children
  • Mark Easter, Deputy Lead for Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act
  • Daniel Opila, Jameson Named Professional for Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act

Key note speakers included

  • Dez Holmes, Director of Research in Practice, who spoke about Transitional Safeguarding and supporting adolescents and young adults to be safe and feel safe.
  • Barrister, Alex Ruck-Keene, who led a discussion about Safeguarding and mental capacity and its principles
  • Followed  by Associate Trainer and Consultant, Eliot Smith, who spoke about lessons from Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARS) around self-neglect.

The afternoons session included

  • Rohma Ullah Development Lead at the National FGM Centre (this session was not recorded) 
  • Charlotte Jamieson, Modern Slavery Co-ordinator
  • Followed by some reminders from CNWL's facilitators on Safeguarding principles and practice. 

The event closed with the virtual Safeguarding Awards. 

The first winner was KatKatie wins awardy Dagnell, winning an award for Children's Safeguarding in the Trust. The nomination says she is "Approachable, going above and beyond and contacting staff personally - always passionate about safeguarding vulnerable children."

Winning the award for Exceptional Adult Safeguarding Practitioner is Jillian Doran, Named Professional for Safeguarding and Mental Capacity Act. 

The Children’s Safeguarding Practitioner winner for outstanding children safeguarding practice is Shane Ronan (Perinatal Team Social Worker)

Taking the award for Adult Safeguarding practitioner for outstanding adult safeguarding practice was Madison Munro from Hillingdon Palliative Care Team.

The runners up were

  • Children’s Safeguarding practitioner: Gemma West (Hillingdon Safeguarding Children Advisor)
  • Children’s Safeguarding Practitioner for outstanding children safeguarding practice: Mahbuba Sultana (School Nurse Camden)
  • Adult Safeguarding practitioner: Claire Gallacher (Hillingdon SAMCAT) 
  • Adult Safeguarding practitioner for outstanding adult safeguarding practice: ​​​​​​Sarah McCarthy (Sexual Health Barnet and Camden) 


A recording of most of the event is below