Posted on: 29 July 2020

A wood-carving enthusiast has hand crafted and donated a free wooden plaque to CNWL’s Child Development Centre in Hillingdon.

Johnathon Whittaker from Devon started the project as a way of saying thank you to NHS staff for their work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It shows the NHS logo with the "S" represented by the Superman symbol; more than 100 have been sent around the country.

The plaque for the clinic was requested by Paediatric Physiotherapist Anca Postolache as a way of saying hello to the team having joined them at the start of lockdown so was unable to meet them until a month after she started.

Anca is pictured with colleagues from right to left:  Nicky Edmondson, Anca, Susie Beaumont and Wendy Botten. NHS Wooden Superhero plaque.jpg

She said: “I joined the team at the start of the lockdown and wasn’t able to meet them until a month after my start day. I wanted to donate this to our team on their return from redeployment, to say thank you and because it was something I can do to bring a smile and appreciation to the whole team.

“This is a symbol of community and solidarity. Johnathon himself put it best when he described these plaques as ‘a tangible memory’ and noticed ‘everyone seems to really value being gifted something that will stand as a long lasting reminder of the strength of the NHS’. These are the quiet superheroes who have supported our nation through this crisis.”

In a letter to the team, Johnathon and his partner Christie say: “For everyone at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust ,

“Please accept this plaque as a huge thank you for, and lasting reminder of how amazing all of your team have been, not just throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, but always.

“The way our NHS have dedicated their time, efforts and emotions, working countless extra hours, under incredible pressure, putting themselves in danger every day so selflessly, thus ensuring the safety of this country, is truly amazing. We felt this needed to be recognised and commended in a way that will last.

“Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust has had this plaque requested by Paediatric Physiotherapist Anca Postolache, to commemorate you all for everything that you have done for your community, and continue to do every day.

“We hope that this acts as a morale boost for you all, every time you see it, and a reminder that everyone’s efforts in a time like we’ve never experienced before, are so very appreciated. We are so very lucky to have you all protecting us. You are all superheroes.”

For more details on Johnathon’s work go to his Facebook page: