24 January 2022

A project led by CNWL's Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Anshu Rayan, and Yogita Dawda, Clinical Lead Pharmacist harnesses the power of videos and combines it with the latest QR code technologies to provide medicines information.

The aim is to create solutions that enable patients, carers and staff to effectively engage with medicines information.

Read more about this project below.

Myth busting on the Covid-19 vaccine

CNWL in collaboration with Dr James Ohene-Djan from the Computing Department at Goldsmiths and QR Video Solutions (previously Winkball), has developed a Covid-19 ‘myth buster’ video aimed at younger adults who have concerns about the vaccination.

The video follows a conversation with a group of young people asking questions about the Covid-19 vaccine. Two CNWL professionals address their questions about vaccine development, how it is tested, the effectiveness and safety as well as how the vaccine works.

The film signposts people to information and dispels the myths circulating on social media, raising awareness and encouraging young people to have the Covid-19 vaccine. Sharing this information in a video format aims to engage with younger audiences in an emotive and personalised manner.

Anshu said:

"I am thrilled to be able to provide an innovative method to communicate and dispel myths about the Covid vaccine. After being a lead for pharmacy services at 3 vaccine centres over the past year, I had a good idea about the types of concerns people had".

For For further facts on the Covid-19 vaccine, visit this website.


Four QR videos on clozapine, which is an anti-psychotic medication, have recently been launched. These have been co-produced with CNWL patients and carers in order to address common queries and concerns and reduce risks associated with clozapine.

  • Considering clozapine: Information to support decision-making about starting clozapine
  • Clozapine and physical health monitoring: Information on why this is important and what you can do to help.
  • Clozapine and constipation: Information about constipation with clozapine and what to do about it
  • Clozapine and smoking: How to avoid problems if you change the amount you smoke when taking  clozapine.

These videos are now accessible via a QR code which will be attached to the outer packaging of all named patient supplies of clozapine dispensed for our patients.

clozapine QR code.jpg    clozapine medicines.png

Subtitles are available for all videos. We are encouraging patients to view the videos and we hope that you find these helpful in counselling patients.

Yogita said:

" have really enjoyed developing these videos. By having quick and easy access to information via a QR code on the packaging, I am hoping these will help reinforce important information about clozapine and remind patients to let us know about changes such as smoking and constipation to reduce the risk of adverse effects".

These videos have also been added to the Choice and Medication© website which is a national and international resource for patient information about mental health conditions and the treatment options available to help make informed decisions about choosing the right medication.

A facility has been created to obtain feedback on the videos. Future QR videos for other medicines will be launched in the coming months with the view to providing an innovative method of medicines information.

Anshu and Yogita would like to thank all staff and colleagues who helped with the production of these QR videos.