Posted on: 30 January 2024

We’ve developed a series of films to update staff on the progress we are making together on our Trust Strategy.

We’d like every member of staff to think about how they can incorporate CNWL’s Strategy into their daily work and help deliver our vision of “Wellbeing for Life”.

We are delivering this ambition through our “5,4,3,2,1” model which includes five principles.

Today is about the fifth principle: Digitally-enabled; data-driven – where we are guided by data, the facts and use digital solutions that help make care easier, and people centred”.

Ross Graves, our Chief Strategy and Digital Officer says “Digitally-enabled; data-driven recognises three particular areas: how we use digital to improve the care we give as an organisation, how we support our staff to do their jobs and how we use data to support and improve the work that we do”.

In the video below, Bal Sandhu, Erika Ayling and Vladimir Hrbatsch from the Hillingdon Community Diabetes Team speak about how the use of digital technology like Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) or flash monitoring has helped them provide more effective care to patients.