Posted on: 2 February 2024

We’ve developed a series of films to update staff on the progress we are making together on our Trust Strategy.

We’d like every member of staff to think about how they can incorporate CNWL’s Strategy into their daily work and help deliver our vision of “Wellbeing for Life”.

We are delivering this ambition through our “5,4,3,2,1” model which includes five principles.

Today is about the fourth principle: Simple effective processes – making the right to do for patients and staff the easy thing to do.

Tom Shearer, Our Chief Finance Officer says ‘never has it been so important to make sure that our staff are doing the jobs they were employed to do and not wasting time on processes and procedures that are unnecessary”.

In the video below, Nicola Nuttall, Goodall Immunisation Team Leader, shares how the team streamlined their processes by moving to online consent forms,  giving parents a quick and easy way to consent to their child’s vaccinations.