Posted on: 31 January 2024

We’ve developed a series of videos to update staff on the progress we are making together on our Trust Strategy.

We’d like every member of staff to think about how they can incorporate CNWL’s Strategy into their daily work and help deliver our vision of “Wellbeing for Life”.

We are delivering this ambition through our “5,4,3,2,1” model which includes five principles.

Today is about the second principle: Attract, include and retain – making CNWL a great place to work with wellbeing for all, so staff thrive, develop, and we attract new staff.

Nick Green our Chief People Officer says “Attracting the right staff is so critical, having people who share our values is one of the ways in which we can ensure high quality patient care”.

In the video below, Kimberly Linyard-Tough, Occupational Health Technician and Governance Support for CNWL’s Occupational Health Service talks about what attract, include and retain means to the service. Watch the video to find out more.