26 January 2023

We’re pleased to announce PRIDE@CNWL’s new Co-Chair will be Dominique Gibson with 64 percent of the votes from our network members and allies.

Dominique will replace Sofia Venuti as Co-Chair from February 2023 and work alongside fellow Co-Chair Behzad Basit

In her application Dominique, who is a Wellbeing Advisor and Mental Health First Aider at CNWL, said:dominique_gibson.jpg

“I firmly believe that representation saves lives. It affects our development as children, our self-esteem, visibility, sense of importance and how we connect with the world. During my time as Bi+ Lead, I have committed to the representation, celebrating LGBTQIA+ inclusion by way of communications and boosting Network membership and attending Pride 2022.

“As a mental health ambassador, I’ve focused much of my attention within the LGBTQIA+ community, the strands of inequality we face, the unique ways we are socially isolated and how inclusion is vital to our mental health and wellbeing.

“My background studies have allowed me to research a number of topics including the language and discourse of queer theory with a focus on intersectionality and inclusivity, gender development and gender dysphoria and the social constructionism of gender itself as well as the effects of pathologizing the other. I am passionate about staying on the pulse of the current issues facing our community and what we can do to safely support and amplify these topics. “

Recently Dominique has built a digital library for young people and their families to help continued education and communication for CNWL’s Year of the Child programme.

She said “Research shows that representation in literature is crucial to the development of children’s self-esteem, visibility, sense of importance and how they connect with the external world.” You can view the library here

Sofia will remain on the committee but hands over the baton as she begins a new role at CNWL. The network extend a huge thank you to Sofia for the tremendous work done during her time as Co -Chair.

Sofia said “Thank you for all the support you have shown me as we bring in a new era for the LGBT+ Network. It’s a new setting for me so I’m sure lots of learning to do but it isn’t the last you’ll hear of me. I’ve absolutely loved being co-chair and had to think about this decision for a very long time. I’ll devote as much time as I can still to LGBT+ training, events and all other activities and be a very active member in the committee.  I’ll also continue to support Behzad who replaced Chris as our other Co-Chair in November.”