Posted on: 13 May 2024

This Week (13 – 17 May) is Greener NHS week and the London Greener NHS team are hosting a week dedicated to gaining an understanding of the NHS sustainability agenda, meet sustainability experts and celebrate successes and net zero achievements in London. 

Sustainability at CNWL

We launched our CNWL Green Plan two years ago as we look to address the climate and health emergency by achieving full net zero by 2045.  

Our initial focus has been on cultural and infrastructure changes.

  • We have employed an Environment and Sustainability Manager (ESM) to drive our agenda and our Chief Financial Officer, Tom Shearer, acts as the Board lead for sustainability. 
  • We are using less Carbon intensive solutions within medicines, all of the Trust’s energy now comes from clean renewable tariffs and we have no waste currently going to landfill. 
  • We have recently funded the replacement of the lighting at Mortimer Market using our capital programme – and when we compare the electricity usage for the building between last March and March of this year we see a 28% reduction in their overall electricity use. 
  • Our ESM and QTS team applied for external funding for further works and  have used this funding over the last few months to complete LED lighting within an additional 13 Outpatient sites and 3 inpatient units, driving down our electricity use and our Carbon use.

We have also awarded three of our new Sustainability awards throughout the Trust. Below is a photo of our Camden Wheelchair service who were given an award for their sustainability inspiration for recycling of wheelchairs and paper use reduction.

Camden Wheelchair service receiving Sustainability Inspiration award.jpeg

Virtual events to mark Greener NHS Week

Please see details below for information on each event, including agenda and how to register.

May 13th GNW.jpg

May 14th GNW.jpg

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16th May GNW.jpg

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