Posted on: 12 September 2022

While very few of us will have known the Queen personally, she has been the iconic centre of our national lives. She was a living symbol of what it means to be British. We all felt we knew her in some way and her passing will affect us all to some extent. As we grieve, personally, in our families and as a nation we can take this opportunity to remember our late Queen and process her passing.

We offer these ‘days of mourning’ as ways to deepen and enrich your remembrance over the days leading up and after the State Funeral on Monday 19 September 2022.

This is for everyone – staff, family, friends, patients- and you may find yourself in conversation with people trying to come to terms with the events, or breaking it down into smaller more manageable pieces.

If you have noticed that Queen Elizabeth’s passing is affecting you, perhaps more than you thought,  it is important not to ignore your feelings.

Grief can bring up a range of emotions, such as anger, guilt or loneliness. No one grieves in the same way. Mindfulness of emotions can help you to stand back from the emotions you are experiencing and understand it, rather than avoiding or being scared of it. Learning to accept these experiences can help reduce the distress associated with the emotions.

Our Talking Therapies service is here if you need any support.