Posted on: 25 January 2024

  • Everyone deserves to live their life to the fullest, so if you’re struggling, the NHS is here to help.
  • Great Mental Health Day takes place on 26 January and is an initiative on tacking mental health stigma and encourages people to reach out for support.
  • There are NHS services out there to support people with their mental health, and this Great Mental Health Day we’re highlighting services which can help, including Talking Therapies.

Often people can say “I’m ok” or “I’ll get over it” but need a place to think through their feelings or cope with a life event.

Stigma and wait times can be a barrier to those wanting to reach out for NHS support, that’s why Great Mental Heal Day is important, and we’re working as hard as we can to see people as quickly as possible.

Talking Therapies is there to help people with depression and anxiety, you can self-refer or see the GP for a referral. As soon as you are able to, complete the self-referral form, because then your part is done and the rest is up to us.

To self-refer or find out more about Talking therapies, click the link below:

Many people who have used Talking therapies have said it has helped them:

“When I first started I felt that it might not be the right thing for me and for what I was going through but I decided to listen to the professionals and went with it. I was supported to face the stuff that made me uncomfortable and feel better now.”

“I feel more hopeful, having this service meant that I feel I'm not alone and my mental health matters.”

“My experience of working with a therapist was a helpful one. I was offered different tools to work with that helped with managing a stressful situation. I managed to take the concepts and tools and can use them in my daily life.”

If you or someone you know needs urgent help or need urgent advice, you can click the link below to see the phone numbers and services you can use for support.

Please click here.