17 November 2021

The Hillingdon Memory Service provides assessment and diagnosis of dementia as well as providing ongoing support and information to people with memory related conditions. People of any age will be referred to this specialist service if they are experiencing memory difficulties or there are changes in your memory.

They have recently published a new leaflet, for patients, carers and families to learn more about the Memory Service in Hillingdon.

Download the leaflet (PDF).

In 2019, we also produced a booklet where you will find accounts of individuals and their families who have found ways of living well with dementia. Although life with dementia can have its challenges, they show how it is possible to grow beyond the diagnosis and continue to live a meaningful and valued life as part of family and community.

Download the booklet (PDF) 

Find out more about the Hillingdon Memory Service (including how to find the service) on this webpage.