6 February 2023

This report from Oxehealth explains that, “CNWL partnered with Oxehealth to improve the safety and quality of their inpatient care. The trust integrated Oxevision into routine clinical practice on 10 wards (5 Older Adult, 4 Psychiatric Intensive Care Units [PICUs], 1 Low Secure Unit [LSU]) between November 2020 and March 2021. Oxevision is a contact-free, vision-based patient monitoring system that delivers vital sign and activity insights to clinical teams.”

They conclude:

“During the course of this study, CNWL had several projects running to reduce assaults and falls which could have contributed to the reductions observed in these incidents. Nevertheless, overall the findings suggest that, by adopting Oxevision into existing clinical practice on mental health inpatient wards, clinicians can improve safety, the quality and efficiency of the care delivered, and the experiences of staff and patients.”