Posted on: 9 August 2023

Ania Adams is CNWL's Volunteer to Career Lead. Below she shares her journey over the last six months and what impact the programme has made.

Rania, Milena and Tim.jpg

Ania, VtC Lead (left), Milena, former Care Support Volunteer (middle), and Tim, Care Support Volunteer (right)

"In just six months, I've been part of something extraordinary within CNWL for the Volunteer to Career (VtC) programme, including crafting a blueprint Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that other NHS Trusts follow. My real pride comes from the people I've helped along the way.

Volunteer Impact:

I've supported 29 volunteers, and the results are heartening. 10 have found jobs, including a Band 7 Business Analyst and Senior Admin role within CNWL and 1 within another NHS trust. One of our volunteers even won a coronation award. It's more than just numbers - it's about changing lives.

Success Stories:

One of the most inspiring stories is that of Milena Lares. Starting as a Ward volunteer at St Pancras Rehabilitation Hospital and later at St Charles Mental Health Unit, Milena transitioned to an employed position with CNWL Hillingdon Talking Therapies. This journey, capped by winning a prestigious award, resonates beyond our organisation. It's proof that with dedication, support, and belief, success is attainable. You can read more about Milena's story.

Recognition and Awards:

I'm honestly blown away that we've made it to the shortlist for not one, but three Helpforce Champions awards. One nomination is for the VtC programme, another for me, and the third shines a light on Nicola Jhumat's incredible work in creating volunteer roles at St. Charles. These recognitions go beyond words. They're a testament to our vision, hard work, and the remarkable outcomes we've achieved.

The Next Phase:

The next phase of our journey is filled with both promise and responsibility. As I strategise to create and share best practice guidelines and develop new volunteer roles, like we did with St Charles hospital, I'm mindful that we're building something truly special.

CNWL VtC Programme has danced among the stars of exceptional achievements in a remarkably short period. The programme's positive impact on individuals' lives, its recognition within the healthcare community, and its plans for further expansion make it a beacon of hope and success. The work I'm doing in the VtC programme isn't just making a difference - it's building futures, even at the significant Band 7 level. We've set the ball rolling, and trust me, this is just the prelude.

To delve into shaping volunteer roles and pathways within your service, reach out to us at or 0203 317 5825. Visit our VtC website to learn more."

Read more about Ania and how she became CNWL's Volunteer to career Lead here.