Posted on: 21 September 2022

The main focus of the role is to deliver CNWL’s Green Plan, with the Trust's 'Green Network' and forming collaborative working relationships with other Trusts on our sustainability objectives, sharing ideas and experiences.

James Long .jpgJames (pictured), 42 , has worked for CNWL in Camden for almost 9 years as a Facilities Manager. He lives in Kent with his partner and their son.

“Sustainability is big issue for patients and for our staff. We are planning ways to reduce our carbon footprint in all the Trust does, knowing local people are affected in different ways. CNWL can be known as a great service provider that also cares for what we do to the local environment and the people who live there.”

“I was 11 when I was asked by my school to create a report on Climate Change and whilst it was outside my influence at the time to really implement any of the various findings I discovered in the library (the internet wasn't invented yet) - it created an interest in me which has sustained me for the last 31 years. I have always recycled, have never driven, and I always think about the ethical and social consequences of my impact on the planet and others so decided in my case not to travel on a plane for the last ten years.”

“I was also bought my first guitar for my eleventh Birthday which I still love playing (although not the same one.)”

Read CNWL’s Green Plan

Caring Today and Tomorrow; Carbon-free.