9 September 2021

CNWL’s Chief Executive, Claire Murdoch, has said the Trust wants to do more for older adults and younger people while outlining the main challenges and priorities facing the Trust as she delivered her forward view during its AGM on 9 September 2021.

She said older people had complex co-morbidities that should encourage more integration of NHS services while there were not enough integrated services for younger people, adding she knew that young people had had a tough year because of Covid.

She said a key priority should be driving care closer to home and was excited at the possibility of more CAMHS beds in the North West London area.

Claire said the Trust was investing heavily in looking how to reduce demands and pressures on the system.

This included how CNWL worked with its colleagues in primary and acute care to make sure people’s stay in hospital was as short as possible, and in looking at how to make sure people received their care in a timely way.

She spoke of the investment and transformation in community mental health care as an example of this to make sure “we aren’t doing more of the same”.

She added that investment in staff was also key.

Chief Operating Officer Robyn Doran spoke about community involvement and our approach.

She then interviewed Jenny Lanyero, Senior Nurse Practitioner and Primary Care Lead, Brent Community Mental Health Team, and Rhoda Ibrahim, Director Somali Advice and Forum of Information Organisation about our approach in Church End, Brent.

Jenny said it was important to listen without being defensive because the community leaders know what their areas needed.

Chair Prof Dorothy Griffiths opened the AGM by asking people to remember the people lost over the last year.

She said: “I would like us to remember the colleagues we have lost this year: Craig Goldsney ..a nurse from HMP Woodhill, Milton Keynes; Tseya Surenkhorloo..a nurse from our Older Adults service in Beatrice Place and Jodi Lombardini, the Head of our Addictions Service…. And the loved ones that you have lost… please let us take a few moments to remember them, thank them and honour them.”

Prof Griffiths also praised staff and volunteers for their work over the last year.

She said: “Our Board salutes our staff once again for their courage and commitment for their work through COVID. We have not forgotten those who had to stay in hotels and didn’t see much of their families and those who caught COVID and came back to work as soon as they could. This year the Board sent every member of staff a thank you card and, as a small thank you gesture, gave everyone an extra day off on their birthday.

“Once again our volunteers have been awesome. Thanks to them all…And no AGM can take place without me thanking our fantastic Carers. They have had to take on so much more in COVID. They act out of love but it can be a lonely and, on occasion, overwhelming role. So, let’s have loud round of applause for our Carers and our Carers Council who help us so much. Thank you Carers.”