Posted on: 4 December 2023

Congratulations to CNWL's Chief Nurse, Maria O’Brien, who received an Honorary Master of Science award from the University of the West of London last week. The universary held two Winter Graduation days You can read more about the event here and view more photographs.

Maria receives her awardCNWL is one of the university's significant partners in the delivery of nurse education.

Professor Anthony Woodman, Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor of UWL, praised those graduating for their hard work and commitment and acknowledged the role their loved ones’ support and encouragement played in their success. 

A UWL graduate is always amazing, but you are exceptional because in the midst of the uncertainty during and after those dark days of the pandemic you took control of your lives and joined us here at UWL.

You are pioneers of a new world waiting for your skills and expertise. Thank you for taking that leap of faith and working with us.”