Posted on: 24 May 2024

This week a new documentary dropped on BBC iPlayer featuring CNWL’s central London sexual health clinic Mortimer Market Centre. ‘HIV, PrEP & Me’ explores the progress achieved by routine rollout of the anti-HIV medication PrEP, which became available on the NHS in 2020.

The documentary includes an interview with Mortimer Market consultant Dr Harry Coleman and footage of CNWL’s co-produced ‘Be PrEPared’ campaigns, which have been used to promote PrEP across North Central London. Presented by Dan Harry – campaigner and one half of the couple who won iPlayer’s gay dating series ‘I Kissed A Boy’ in 2023 – the documentary weaves personal stories about PrEP into a narrative exploring the progress achieved by PrEP and the challenges that remain if the UK is to hit its 2030 target of new HIV transmissions.


CNWL's North Central London PrEP Programme Manager, Dominic Reilly said:

“Since we launched our PrEP Programme two and half years ago we’ve been pushing to improve awareness and access to PrEP for all groups that can benefit from it. We’ve run our ‘Be PrEPared’ campaigns on social media and dating platforms, developed a model to start people on PrEP in non-clinical settings such as bars and clubs, and launched the first NHS Online PrEP service. In the absence of a national campaign, this brilliant documentary is a great opportunity to get PrEP messaging out to a large audience ,and the Mortimer Market Centre team were very happy to be part of it.”

If you have a TV license you can watch the documentary here.

If you would like to book a PrEP appointment at CNWL’s clinics in North and Central London and Surrey you can do so here: