Posted on: 20 February 2020

Dr Jasna Munjiza is the new Kensington and Chelsea Clinical Director, replacing Dr Claire Woolcock who has been promoted at another Trust.

Dr Munjiza has worked in CNWL for 14 years and currently works as a Consultant Psychiatrist in North Kensington & Chelsea Community Mental Health team;  before  this she was a consultant in Harrow.

She has been involved in service development and Quality Improvement in general adult psychiatry for many years.  She has additional clinical expertise in the area of personality disorders which combined with severe trauma was the topic of her PhD study at Imperial College.

It’s well known that people with serious mental illness can die prematurely from avoidable physical illnesses. Dr Munjiza strongly believes we must close that gap.

She led the Physical Health work in Harrow from 2016-18, and working with her colleagues, made considerable improvements in monitoring and recording of physical health for patients with chronic and enduring mental illness.

She strongly supports research in mental health and is North West London Research Specialty Lead in Mental Health for CNWL. Over the past ten years she has made an important contribution to increase patients’ participation in mental health research.

Dr Munjiza said ‘I believe passionately in the recovery-oriented model in mental health; it’s about  hope, optimism and empowering people to lead as normal and fulfilling lives as possible.’

Dr Jo Emmanuel, Divisional Medical Director for our Trust's Jameson Division said:

“Although relatively new to K&C Jasna brings a breadth of experience within CNWL and across both clinical, research and service development areas and I think will be a great asset to the leadership team in K&C. I am sure you will join me in welcoming her and sharing this news.

"Of course this comes about due to the forthcoming departure of Claire to pastures new after many years of loyal service to K&C. This means that Jasna will take over from a well-established and stable platform of clinical leadership in the borough thanks to Claire’s commitment and hard work.”