28 July 2022

This week CNWL's Sexual Health Services launch a new PrEP pin badge initiative to promote peer-led discussions about PrEP in the community. PrEP, or Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, is a free medication, available on the NHS, that people who are HIV negative can take to stop them from contracting HIV. It is up to 99% effective when taken correctly.

The enamel badges are moulded to look like a blue PrEP pill and can be worn decoratively, including on lapels and backpacks. They will be distributed to people who access PrEP at CNWL sexual health clinics in North Central London – Mortimer Market Centre, Archway Centre, and Edgware Community Hospital.

The badges are presented with a wallet-sized card, that contains a QR code that links through to the CNWL PrEP webpage to book an appointment.

Mark Maguire, CNWL’s Sexual Health Director, said:

“The badges are a visual representation intended to spur conversations about PrEP in different communities. As a blank, blue, pill-shaped pin, the badges are intended to look familiar to fellow PrEP users while also prompting questions from those unaware of what they represent, allowing wearers to share their experiences of PrEP. While not everyone using PrEP will want to wear the badges for obvious reasons, we think other will see this a viral way of getting the message out there in their communities.”

CNWL’s Clinical Lead for HIV and Sexual Health, Eva Jungmann, added, “While PrEP has been routinely available on the NHS for 18 months now, we know there are many people who can benefit from PrEP who either don’t know what it is, or are unsure about whether it’s for them. This initiative will both raise awareness and facilitate important conversations among potential PrEP beneficiaries.” 

PrEP badgeThe PrEP badges are part of an initiative being run by CNWL to promote PrEP awareness and uptake among communities in North Central London, which will include digital PrEP promotion campaigns running on dating apps and social media platforms, and a PrEP for Black African Communities engagement exercise being delivered with Umoja Health Forum and Embrace UK.