Posted on: 7 March 2024

An Omnicell automated medicine cabinet has now been installed at Beatrice Place in Kensington and Chelsea, the latest in many we have implemented at CNWL.

The cabinet was installed at Beatrice Place, who provide continuing care services for older people with advanced cognitive impairment or severe and enduring mental health needs.

Chief Pharmacist TF Chan said: “The Omnicell automated medicine cabinet provides an electronic process for picking and ordering of medicines issued to patients. The system used in conjunction with SystmOne EPMA reduces picking errors and allows the right medicines to be issued to the right patient at the right time.

“The automated cabinet is interfaced with the Pharmacy Ascribe system, which will automatically record when a medicine falls below the minimum value reducing delayed and omitted medicines.”

See some photos below of the installation at Beatrice Place.

Beatrice Place (2).png

Beatrice Place (3).png