Posted on: 18 June 2024

Here at CNWL, we take patient safety very seriously and we are always ensuring that there are processes in place to maintain the quality of our services.

All Patient Safety Incidents (including near misses) are raised and discussed with our patients and their families to inform them what took place, to understand their experience(s)/perspective of the incident, how they want to be involved in any learning response, and to provide an apology. Staff always log incidents on our incident recording system too.

As part of our requirements under the Duty of Candour policy, where a patient suffers moderate harm or greater, we have an obligation to provide a verbal apology and to follow this up with a written apology – providing details of any potential investigation that may be ongoing.

Click here to read more about out PSIRF plan.

The Duty of Candour policy has been refreshed to reflect the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF), focusing on how compassionate engagement and Duty of Candour work hand in hand to support patients and their families following a Patient Safety Incident (PSI).

The new framework provides a greater emphasis on good quality and meaningful engagement with patients and staff. Feedback is essential so that we can keep learning and improving our processes.

With this in mind we’ve also updated our incident recording system to capture further information regarding our new learning responses, and to consider the support we are providing to staff and patients involved in PSIs.

In a video, Tracey Hanson, patient safety partner at CNWL speaks about her experience of an investigation with poor engagement in another organisation. She discusses the changes we’ve made here at the Trust to enhance patient safety.