Posted on: 1 November 2021

Nicholas Green is CNWL’s new Deputy Chief People Officer, starting on Monday 8 November.

He joins the People Directorate at CNWL, encompassing recruitment, staff wellbeing, leadership development, and workforce resourcing. With a background in human resources and leadership, Nick has previously worked across a range of sectors including local authority, social care, education, transportation, food retail and the BBC. 

Nick says, “I’m excited about joining CNWL as people in our communities need compassion, energy, professionalism, and care. nick green picture small.jpg

“I am part of a close-knit family and recently cared for my 90-year-old grandma who now has dementia. I believe CNWL is at the forefront of NHS community care and with our efforts we are aptly placed to set the blueprint nationally on delivering the best for patients.”

Nick is from a diverse background, and is part Chinese. He is also the eldest of four children. “This personal experience reminds me that diversity is about respect, being open to learn and understanding others,” he says. “As a people practitioner and leader my approach is about empowering others. I’m always open for conversations and I get a buzz from supporting team members and colleagues to do amazing things and progress. I’m inspired by people and their achievements against the odds.”

When Nick isn’t visiting the gym, or spending time with his family, he is a big supporter of the arts and music – whether it’s a concert, gallery or on the street. He highly recommends a visit to the Welcome Trust Collection on Euston Road.