Posted on: 19 February 2020

CNWL’s Adrian Brown, Alcohol and Drugs Nurse Specialist at Northwick Park Hospital has been featured in North West London Collaboration of CCGs’ latest newsletter.

Adrian sees patients who are struggling with alcohol or drugs withdrawal, or other complications which could affect their treatment.

In the ‘Day in the life of’ piece, Adrian describes his role, and talks about his challenges and how patients benefit from support.

“For many people, being a patient in hospital is the first time they are offered advice or help with alcohol problems. We know that many conditions are worsened by excessive drinking, and not everyone is aware that this does not just mean people who have alcohol dependence. It’s a chance to offer healthy alternatives for a wide range of people, it’s also a very important intervention for people who have addictions.

"I’d say that by raising the confidence of my colleagues to deal with alcohol dependence they are able to provide safer and more effective care. This has a positive effect on everyone’s wellbeing,” he said.

He encouraged others to “see people first. See their potential rather than their problems.”

You can read the full story here.