Posted on: 22 March 2024

Registered Mental Health Nurse, Maliqa Malik, has been supporting patients at Tasman Ward, Park Royal Mental Health Centre to observe the holy month of Ramadan by providing Ramadan packages.

Ramadan packages - Tasman Ward.jpegThe package contains:

  • Dates,
  • ZamZam water
  • Tasbeeh (prayer beads)
  • Attar (oil fragrance)
  • Quran player
  • Dua book (book of supplications)




Maliqa said:

“Nursing care should be holistic, which includes the spiritual and cultural aspect. So, when some of our patients expressed their wish to observe Ramadan, I provided them with Ramadan packages”.

Patients also have been cooking a meal of their choice to break their fasts.

 Samosas and spring rolls on Tasman Ward for Ramadan.jpg Breaking fast on Tasman Ward - Chicken and rice.jpg