Posted on: 31 January 2020


[L to R: Faye Nikopaschos and Gail Burrell]

Faye Nikopaschos, Clinical Psychologist, Northwick Park Mental Health Unit, and Gail Burrell, Interim Deputy Director/ Occupational Therapist, Northwick Park Mental Health Unit, were invited to present at the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) Annual Conference earlier this month, as part of the Symposium for the new Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF). 

Over 100 delegates attended their talk.

PTMF is a trauma-informed psycho-social framework, which supports the understanding of mental health difficulties and their development within the context of people’s life experience. 

Eastlake and Ferneley adult inpatient mental health wards (Northwick Park Hospital) have been piloting the use of the PTMF to support psycho-social formulation, intervention and staff training on the wards.  The work has received positive feedback from both staff and patients.  There have also been reductions in the use of restrictive interventions, including seclusion and restraint.

What is the PTM Framework?

The PTM Framework replaces ‘What is wrong with you?’ with four key questions:

  • ‘What has happened to you?’ (How is Power operating in your life?)
  • ‘How did it affect you?’ (What kind of Threats does this pose?)
  • ‘What sense did you make of it?’ (What is the Meaning of these situations and experiences to you?)
  • ‘What did you have to do to survive?’ (What kinds of Threat Response are you using?)

You can find more information on it here.