Posted on: 20 March 2024

Westminster Community and Kensington & Chelsea Older Adults teams had a recruitment Open Day for patient and carer involvement.

The day was to help recruit patient and carer representatives for the team and for possible new recruits to meet people who already do this work and hear about how it has helped them, so that it doesn't seem so daunting.    

Attending were current patient and carer representatives Phillip Perkins and Terry Harper. Phillip and Terry delivered presentations about their roles and what they’ve been able to do while working with the team.


Gillian Rennie, Assistant Borough Director for Westminster and Community Services said, “We wanted to have an event that was informal so that patients and carers could ask questions about involvement and learn about all the different opportunities for their voices to be heard in order to shape services and give their valuable feedback. We really want to build patient and carer involvement into everything we do and also have input from people who represent our local community in Westminster in all its diversity”

The event took place at Hope in the Community Westminster - a new space for the community offering non-clinical mental health support services, click here for more information: