Posted on: 22 September 2023

This week, CNWL’s Immunisation Service hosted an online session to explain the vaccinations that are given to young people when they are still at school, including an update on the human papillomavirus (HPV), polio and measles programmes.

Nicola Nuttal, Immunisation Team Leader, said:

“School based immunisations make sure as many children and young people are offered protection as possible, and it prevents them missing school or parents taking time out of work for a vaccination appointment”.

Nicola also explained how to visit a catch up clinic, and what to do if a young person has missed vaccinations.

Watch the recording back below: 

The Immunisation Team is spilt across Inner and Outer London, delivering immunisations in the boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Brent, Ealing, Hillingdon and Camden.

They offer:

  • Flu: nasal and injectable (can be all year groups)
  • Teenbooster: is given to boost protection against three separate diseases: tetanus, diphtheria and polio (offered to all in year 9)
  • MenACWY - to prevent meningitis and septicaemia (offered to all year 9)
  • HPV (offered to both boys and girls year 8)
  • Neonatal BCG: for babies who are at risk of catching tuberculosis (currently running 13 clinics a week)

The session also included an update on the new electronic consent system, and how parents and carers can access and complete the form.

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