Posted on: 6 October 2021

CNWL’s annual flu song launches today. This is the fifth year CNWL has produced a flu song to help raise awareness of the importance of getting the vaccine.

This year staff take on a song originally made famous by the musical Grease.

“You’re the jab that I want” sees CNWL’s Chief Nurse, Maria O’Brien and Chief Medical Officer, Dr Con Kelly, donning wigs, costumes and dancing to lead the way in getting the jab, alongside the Trust’s Infection, Prevention and Control Team and staff from St Charles Mental Health Unit.   

Maria O’Brien, Chief Nurse, said

“In a year which has made many of us shed a tear, we thought long and hard about creating our usual light-hearted annual flu video.

“On balance we decided to go ahead and hope that it will raise a smile.

 “Behind the song is a serious message – it’s important all staff are vaccinated to protect themselves, their family and patients against flu and to help keep those vulnerable to Covid-19 from getting the flu alongside it.

“This year the season has the potential to be longer and larger than any other year so it’s really important we prevent the spread in our services. The flu can be serious and even fatal, even for normally fit and well people; why the campaign is so important to protect ourselves and patients.”

Staff can now get their jab for free alongside the Covid-19 booster or separately. Staff should check the Flu page on Trustnet for the latest clinic or a local peer vaccinator.

The flu vaccination is safe and effective and must be given annually. It cannot give you the flu. It does not protect you from Covid-19 or seasonal coughs and colds, but it does give protection against the strains of flu virus that will be circulating this year.

How will I know if I have the flu or COVID-19?

Read our leaflet which explains the similarities and differences between flu and Covid-19 (opens pdf) 

The flu virus and COVID-19 have symptoms which overlap, such as a high temperature or persistent cough. It may be difficult to tell which virus you have. For this reason, it’s really important that you have a flu vaccination if you are eligible, and that you continue to follow the guidance on self-isolation and testing at if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Like Covid-19 you can give the flu to your friends and family without symptoms.

About the song

Thank you to all staff and volunteers who contributed to this year’s song.

The song lyrics were re-written by Gill Case, CNWL’s Deputy Director of Infection, Prevention and Control and recorded and performed by Andy Lale, CNWL’s Principle Arts Psychotherapist for South Westminster, together with volunteers from the 20:20 audio recording project including  Stella Fiorenzoli : Piano, Yuri Gregoric: Bass , Hollie Taylor: Lead female voice and backing vocals.

20:20  emerged from an idea to offer 20 people under the care of CNWL mental health services the chance to share their musical experience and create a peer lead environment that is likely to improve social isolation and social skills, help to create something meaningful, as a source of new confidence. The project group also produced last year’s song.

Over the last five years, the Trust has produced a new song each year. The back catalogue is below

Go Get A Flu Jab - 25 Sept 2018

Don't give them fever - 23 Sept 2019

You're just too good to get flu! - 20 Sept 2017

Fight Fever - September 2020 

You're the jab that I want - October 2021