These governors represent the interests of carers who care for people using the Trust's services.

Shobha ParmarIn my 25 years of health and social service I have worked for various organisation such as Victim Support, Mind, Contact-A-Family, and Mencap amongst others. In my roles I worked directly with both the service users as well the parents and family members. I am a 3 time National Lottery Grant recipient and a Millennium Fellowship awardee.

I was awarded grants to support the provision of counseling victims of domestic violence in Harrow and for a befriending scheme for Mind, as well as for the research into drug misuse in young Asians, with support from the University of Lancashire.

My current position sees me help and support people with mental health issues, learning difficulties and elderly people. I assist and guide them with regards to obtaining benefits and services they might be eligible for. In addition to this I support a day activity centre for people with learning difficulties.

Phil Perkins.jpegI live in Westminster; I am involved with the CNWL on many platforms in Westminster. 

I am on the Westminster Senior Management team, as a carer rep for nearly 2 years. Where I have been able to voice any issues regarding services of carers and SU at a local level. I am also a member of the Carers board for Westminster. I have/am been involved with recruitment panels. For many different roles and Bands. 

I have worked for 10 years as a Manager at an Extra Care Housing service. Which was a challenging role. In my care was people with a variety of disabilities including Mental Health. Where I gained a lot of skills and knowledge and a Qualification as a registered Manager. 

I am currently a carer for my wife who has MH issues. I also have a son with Autism.

I also use the services of the CMHT, so I have lived experience of what it is like to be in receipt of services and how those services are to be delivered. 

I am passionate that everyone receives the care they deserve in a dignified way and that SU and Carers have access to all services. 

I feel that all the above will make me a good Carer Governor, I hope I am able to influence decisions regarding Carers across the CNWL. 

First Term 2023-2026

Janet Seale.jpg"Things need to change in the way mental health services are delivered; we need to move away from labels and the “chemical cosh”, from repeated admissions to hospital, a lifetime trapped in services. I have been a carer for many years now and know what happens when people do not get the treatment they need. Early intervention in psychosis is a marvellous thing - if you can get it, it saves so much of the person we love. People need to be treated as a whole, mental and physical health. We need to campaign for better services and for those services to be available to all that need them. There are better treatments out there and we need to do all we can to make them available for our loved ones. Better treatment for those with personality disorders, older adults, those with complex and chronic mental health needs. Vote for me, I will fight for these issues."