These governors represent the interests of members of the public who are residents of England and Wales.

Susan Von Wentzel.jpgSusan is a mother of two young children and has worked professionally as a lawyer and management consultant.  In the latter profession, she has advised clients across the healthcare sector, including the Chief Executive and senior management of NHS Trusts, NHS Commissioners, and pharmaceutical companies.  She has also advised a variety of clients in other sectors (commercial and not-for-profit) on issues such as strategy, governance, operating models, marketing, organisational restructuring, implementation plans, measurements and KPIs. She would like to contribute her skills and experience to achieving the aim of delivering the best patient outcomes while ensuring a sustainable and financially viable local health economy.

Moreover, Susan is particularly interested in mental health issues.  She believes mental health is as important as physical health and in particular with the isolation we have all experienced during the pandemic, the role of the NHS in addressing mental health issues will be increasingly crucial.

Nigel Brown.jpgDr Nigel Brown says:

The ‘softer’ issues surrounding health care would not come naturally to a professional engineer. Living with a psychotherapist and having been a Trustee of an arts education charity in east London and most recently as its chair, I appreciate the value that a wide spectrum of disciplines can contribute to enhancing societal well-being. The Arts and ‘making’ are central to my life through embracing creative processes as diverse as software, electronics and DIY to cooking.

Having worked for international consultancies, an oil major and most recently the Civil Service in Whitehall I have lived and worked in Westminster for over 30 years. Travelling around largely by bicycle, augmented by public transport, I feel that I get under the skin of our hugely diverse society in central London.

FSarah Hoyle.jpegor over 10 years I have worked in the community sector, devising, delivering and evaluating projects that enhance the lives of local people.  

I have supported young people and their families flourish through Together We Create, the charity I founded in 2009. I have managed several high profile community arts and engagement projects across London and South East, working closely with key stakeholders including housing associations, schools and the NHS.

I have launched projects from scratch including We Are Ageing Better (Camden) and Portobello Pavilion (Westminster) and have turned around failing community space including Longfield Hall (Lambeth) and Kentish Town Community Centre (Camden), where I currently work  

Have also taught learners of all ages and abilities in formal and informal settings. I have a Masters Degree from Birkbeck and I am currently finishing my PhD at University of York. I am the Chair of Trustees of Childs Hill Food Bank 

Dr Silvia Gerea.jpgDr Silvia Gerea is a Consultant Psychologist and Consultant Psychotherapist working for NHS and Harley Street Private District. Silvia is also a Committee Member for British Psychological Society London Branch from 2016 and is currently entering her third mandate as an elected committee member. During this time she has delivered many great events for the BPS members and worked passionately in different campaigns to raise awareness about mental health, psychology, diversity and inclusion.

Dr Silvia is currently a Governor for CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, an Expert Witness and Executive Coach being also the founder of VoxBrain Academy.

She is Associate Fellow at BPS, Scientist, a Senior Associate Member for Royal Society of Medicine and is Accredited Member registered at BACP and BABCP. Dr Silvia Gerea holds a Doctorate in Psychology and also studied different approaches in Psychotherapy like:CBT,as well as Integrative and Psychodynamic Counselling.

She has experience in Adult Mental Health Psychology (Complex Care) and Acute Psychology Service (inpatients and outpatients) and also worked in the A&E department at Royal Free Hospital and has experience working as a Consultant for Alzheimer Society. She is a Dementia Champion of Alzheimer’s Society & Dementia Friends.

Silvia is passionate about raising awareness of psychology in people’s life and focuses on the therapeutic relationship by offering an emphatic counselling.

Her main focus is guiding clients and fellow psychotherapists that she is supervising, through the process of understanding their problems and developing solutions by tailoring her compassionate approach according to individual needs.

Motto: “Life begins with change, knowledge and perseverance. Rediscover and reinvent yourself every day!You are you and you are not your illness!”.

She said:

“Being romanian has given me the opportunity to experience and understand the importance of multicultural diversity and acceptance. I have been a resident of Brent and public member, NHS and private sector professional for over 18 years and strongly believe that I can become the voice of local people.

I have experience working within NHS in two busy multi-disciplinary teams, inpatient and outpatient care in the borough of Brent and believe I can use the knowledge to serve the community and help deliver high quality services.

Due to the nature of my work, I meet a high number of local people in their most sensitive and distressed time of their life and hear all their wishes and concerns. Therefore, I truly believe that I can represent them accordingly and help build a better community for all of us.”

First Term 2023-2026

Meena Hirani.png"I have spent a total of 25 years as a carer. I speak Gujarati and Hindi languages and have been a Service User representative and volunteer Peer Support Worker with MIND for 11 years, and at the Rethink Recovery Day Centre since 2015. I run a coffee morning group, promote well-being activities sign-posting. I campaigned to save the day centre; writing to local MPs, producing material and speaking in front of Harrow Cabinet, and won with 3,300 votes.

I have attended meetings on an NHS co-production project to improve mental services across three trusts in North West London. In 2021, as an Expert Advisor, I represented the voice of service users for a project run for mental health managers in implementing the services. I am a volunteer treasurer for Harrow Care Plus Charity; this is a small charity helping elderly people to keep fit and providing support to reduce isolation.

I have long-term relationships with local residents and care homes. I feel with my knowledge and background that I will be a great voice for these local residents. As governor, I would like to be there first-hand, listening to information about my NHS trust and be able to relay this information and communicate the needs of the local people in my council. I currently work part-time in a crisis house supporting individuals with mental health issues in conjunction with Hillingdon Hospital Home Treatment Team."

First Term 2023-2026

Thomas Allder.jpg"Being a Governor provides an opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future of healthcare in the region. As a Governor, I have a say in important decisions that affect the provision of healthcare services, and am able to work with other Governors and NHS staff to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

In addition to the opportunity to make a positive impact on healthcare provision, being a Governor also provides an opportunity for personal development. By serving as a Governor, I am able to develop leadership skills, gain experience working in a complex and challenging environment, and build relationships with other professionals.

By contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community, I can make a meaningful difference in people's lives. I am passionate about healthcare, committed to making a positive impact, and eager to develop my skills and experience. Being a Governor at the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust is an excellent opportunity and an honour."