These governors represent the interests of people who are using, or have used, the Trust's services

Natasha Bishop"My name is Natashia, I am a mother of 4 children between the ages of 3-13 years.  I have personal experiences in many fields under the CNWL, ie. hospitals, mental health, schools, prisons etc and I have volunteered to help raise money at a charity organisation."

Dame Carol Donovan"I have co-facilitated a group of service users at Brent Mind.  I have mentored for other service users at Ashford Place Centre which helps with Wellbeing in the community.

I have lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland, Sydney, Australia, Maine, USA and London, UK.

I am now a service user and have experience of inpatient life.  I have been in the system for many years now.  

I have graduated with a BA Marketing from Portobello Business School, Dublin, Ireland.  

I am interested in Poetry and have a Poetry Book published titled A Boogaloo Saint.

I have completed one year of a Public Relations Course at the Public Relations Institute of Ireland.

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and now live in London, UK.  I first came to London aged 21 to work for the BBC.

I am a Dame."

Gloria Goldring.JPG"I have previously been a Governor for CNWL but retired as I was unable to devote the necessary time to contribute fully. However, I am now able to devote time and hopefully, expertise.

I am passionate about mental health and wish to be involved as much as possible in two specific areas, mental health in children and Alzheimer’s. I already work within the field of “end of life care” with Coordinate my Care where I am an external Governor and sit on the “Patient Panel” I have personal experience with Alzheimer’s as my late husband was a sufferer for 19 years.  

I have considerable commercial experience as my working life has been involved and continues to be involved with international business, Fintech and property.  

During my Governorship with CNWL I particularly enjoyed sitting on the medical panels when selection of appointments within the sector arose.

On a personal note, my interests are theatre, opera, music, art, literature and playing the piano!

Having lived in Westminster for over 60 years so, feel I am able to understand and represent the requirements of the area."

Simon Emin.jpgWith his lived experience, Simon is a vocal service user governor who does not shy away from raising issues with the executive in ensuring the Trust delivers the highest quality-of-service patients deserve, both in and out of hospital.

Since the closure of the Gordon Hospital he is playing an active role in working with the managing director and senior management team in shaping mental health services in The City of Westminster. As there are no acute adult mental health beds in Westminster, Simon is eager to see this beds crisis resolved, as sending patients out of area is distressing for both them and their loved ones. He has successfully campaigned to ensure Westminster inpatients and their loved ones sent out of area travel have their expenses paid.

Simon’s continuing passion for patient welfare remains his top priority.

First Term 2023-2026

Angela Joyce De Souza.jpg"It will be an honour to be an integral part of CNWL as a Governor. The NHS plays a vital role in the lives of people by securing their right to health. Many people from the community approach myself to talk to the GP, NHS representatives and ambulance services because there are language and communication barriers. I also realised that there is ignorance among the people about the procedure to avail services.

As a Governor, I will be actively involved in the work of the Trust. I will try to ensure that the views of the public, patients, carers and staff are heard and reflected in the strategy. This plan will help to enhance the quality of services and care. I will listen to and value the contributions of different people and provide feedback whenever necessary. It will be exciting to work as a part of a cohesive team. I understand that as a responsible person, I will have to attend training, meetings and conferences, and read the documents and paperwork related to the strategic direction of the Trust’s plans.

I am enthusiastic to take on this role and will always be committed to the work and duties entrusted to myself. Since I am socially active, it will be really good to reach out to and engage with the local community on the day-to-day issues related to health and Trust membership."

First Term 2023-2026

Cathy Wilcox.jpg"Since retiring from running my own company, I’ve been involved in several service user groups which I’ve found very interesting and enjoyable - these have included discussions on the newly introduced area within the Emergency Department for those presenting with mental health problems; helping with the materials sent to patients regarding the Transformation process within Hillingdon; sitting on interview panels helping to choose new employees for senior posts; and ward assessments for the Care Quality Commission.

I like to think my input has been useful and that my appointment as a governor will enable me to use my business experience and also the latest work I’ve been involved with, within CNWL."

First Term 2023-2026

Alison Cameron.jpg"I have been a CNWL Service User for more than twenty years.  Early on, I resolved to use my lived experience to improve those services. I advise NHS, housing, and social care organisations on how to work in equal partnership with service users in the UK and overseas. I was named by the Health Service Journal as one of the top 50 Inspirational Women in Health and top 50 Patient Leaders in the UK. 

I keep close to my roots in the mental health survivor movement. I am passionate about holding mental health services to account, to improving patient safety, and to amplifying the voices of the seldom heard."