We support Camden families with children, from pregnancy to age five, to be safe, happy, healthy and ready for school.

The early years are a crucial time for children’s development. The foundations of almost every aspect of development – physical, intellectual and emotional – are laid down in early childhood. From birth to 18 months, connections in the brain are created at a rate of one million per second. The earliest experiences shape a baby’s brain development and have a lifelong impact on mental and emotional health. Later interventions, although important, are considerably less effective than interventions in the early years, when the foundations for a best start can be adversely affected.

Our integrated team works together to identify and support the needs of families at the earliest opportunity. We support families to cope effectively with daily challenges and we maximise opportunities for children’s development.

The Health Visiting Service in Camden invites the parents or carers of children coming up to one and two years old to bring their child for an appointment at a local Health Centre or Children’s Centre to talk about their development. This is undertaken by one of our Community Nursery Nurses who are part of our wider Camden Health Visiting team and will look at things like your child’s walking, communication, play, eating and social interactions.

Click here to view the sites, timetables and online booking pages for Health Visiting developmental reviews in Camden.

More information about developmental reviews can be found below:

You do not need a referral to access the service.

Due to Covid19 our Child Health drop in clinics are not running, if you need to speak to a health visitor please contact our duty team on 020 3317 3032 or email camden.dutyhv@nhs.net


If you need help in a crisis, please do the following

  • Contact the CNWL service looking after you during their office hours
  • If the crisis is during when your service is closed, there are alternative options provided by the NHS found on this page.
  • If you are not already being looked after by CNWL or elsewhere within the NHS, see your GP during normal working hours as they can then refer you to a local service.

Find your closest GP on NHS Choices.