Information for women, their partners and family members who are worried about postnatal depression, psychosis or other mental health/ emotional difficulties.

Coombe Wood Mother and Baby Unit can accommodate up to eight mothers and their babies at any one time for inpatient treatment, and up to two parents and their babies/toddlers at any one time for specialist residential parenting assessments. It is also our aim to use one inpatient bed for pregnant women to be admitted.

If you are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties, you or your partner/family member can request that your GP refer you to a psychiatrist who will then be able to refer you to a specialist mother and baby unit, such as Coombe Wood.

If you have already been diagnosed with a mental health condition that requires treatment as an inpatient you can request that your psychiatrist or community mental health team refer you to a specialist mother and baby unit, such as Coombe Wood. We can ensure that wherever possible mother and baby can remain together, rather than be separated as is the case if the mother is referred to an adult psychiatric ward.

At Coombe Wood, we accept local referrals from all London Boroughs as well as national referrals. Over the years we have treated and cared for patients from across London and as far afield as Norfolk, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Essex and Devon.

Referrals to our inpatient service have to come from a mental health service.