We have helped hundreds of mothers, babies and their families recover from serious episodes of postnatal depression, psychosis and other mental health illnesses.

Here's what some of them had to say:

"From the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you for mending my broken heart and mind and for opening my eyes again to see my beautiful little girl sparkling back at me. I arrived in a dark fog and I leave now with hope and strength and a warm glow feeling in my belly. I think that feeling is a new-found trust that it does get easier day by day, sleep by sleep, hug by hug, it all heals.Thank you for saving me from the fog. You will always be remembered dearly"


"Thanks to your support, kind words and dedication, I was able to go through the hardest moment of my life and be able to smile again and enjoy being with my baby. I can definitely say that I was so lucky to have access to this wonderful service provided by you and that I would not have made it without you all. I do hope that the other mommies while I was there are all feeling better, confident and happy with their babies.

I do hope Coombe Wood MBU receives all the recognition from society and government that you deserve for such an amazing and so needed service. My husband also thanks you all for helping us when we were so in need"


“This is a very belated note to express my thanks to you and the team at Coombe Wood for the wonderful support you gave to Jane, Samuel and me during their stay with you. I can still clearly remember my initial visit to Coombe Wood one Sunday morning in November and my immense feeling of relief at having final found somewhere that I immediately felt confident could give Jane the kind of care she needed and help us out of what had previously seemed a desperate situation. Coombe Wood is a very special place run by very special people. The lovely, happy boy that you see in the enclosed picture is, in no small part, a reflection of your support at an immensely crucial time. My sincere thanks to you once again."


"I can’t thank you enough for all the time, care and consideration you all showed me and Finlay whilst we stayed with you. I know you all look upon it as your job, but you really made me feel part of one, big, happy family. I have honestly never before met such a caring and thoughtful team as everyone there is. I will be forever grateful to you all for helping me and Finlay get back to leading a normal, happy life."


"As I sit at my computer typing this letter I am aware of the tremendous debt of gratitude my family and I owe to the staff of Coombe Wood. 14 weeks prior to this I was unable to sit in my home without feeling anxious, afraid, depressed and in total despair. I felt that these were the feelings of motherhood – feelings I believed were to stay for life. However, I was to realise through the dedication, patience and understanding of the Coombe Wood staff that motherhood is in fact a most wonderful and precious experience."


"Now that Samantha has been discharged after nine weeks in the care of Coombe Wood I wanted to write and express my profound gratitude to everyone involved in her treatment and care. The level of support, expertise and understanding was outstanding from the entire team. I am in no doubt that this greatly helped in Samantha’s excellent recovery from her severe postnatal illness. As soon as we walked into the Unit we both knew it was the right place. We had finally found somewhere that understood the illness in its entirety and of course the very special nature of it. I wouldn’t want to go through what we did again in a million years but it was made a lot more bearable knowing that Samantha and Milo were in the care of a great bunch of truly inspired and professional people."


"There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of all the wonderful work that you do and how much you supported our little family! As he continues to grow we will always remind him of how lucky he was to spend time at Coombe Wood where he was surrounded by kindness, warmth and compassion! 

Please pass on my love and best wishes to everyone! You are in our thoughts often and we talk about that time of our lives a lot as we are just so grateful for all that you did! We will never forget!”