The Trust has borough directors who are responsible for local delivery of care. They work with the divisional directors and clinical leads to ensure our services meet the needs of local people.

The borough directors and borough clinical directors are:

Borough Director: Phillipa Galligan
Interim Borough Clinical Director Dr Ajai Kumar

Borough Director: Gail Burrell 
Borough Clinical Director: Dr Deepti Shah-Armon

Service Director: Alastair Penman
Borough Clinical Director (Mental Health): Dr Mellisha Padayatchi

Deputy Borough Director: Mark Marfo

Service Director: Claire Eves
Borough Clinical Director: Dr Sagar Dhanani

Community Service Director: Sarah Hulme
Clinical Director: Dr Frances Baawuah

Borough Director: Kingsley Akuffo 
Borough Clinical Director: Dr Jasna Munjiza

Service Director: John Culley
Clinical Director: Dr Emma Jones
Deputy Service Director: Debs Simons

Service Director: Lesley Halford (from July 2023 Steff Kamara) 
Clinical Director: Dr Lok Raj
Deputy Service Director: Vicky Hancock


Borough Director: Lucy Cook
Borough Clinical Director: Dr Sujaa Arokiadass

For our service lines we have service directors and clinical directors: 

Service Director: Teresa Wirz
Clinical Director: Dr Jeffrey Fehler
Lead Nurse: Ron Bevan

  • Service Director: Patrick Gillespie
  • Clinical Director: Dr Satinder Sahota
  • Lead Nurse: Penny Leese 

Service Director: Tina Swain

CAMHS Clinical Director: Dr Azer Mohammed
Eating Disorders Clinical Director: Dr Frances Connan

Service Director: David Gedze
Lead Clinician: Kiran Purandare

Service Director: Gail Burrell 

Service Director: Mark Maguire
Clinical Director: Dr Eva Jungmann

Service Director: Sara Pountney 
Lead Clinician: Dr Shirish Bhatkal