The Trust has borough directors who are responsible for local delivery of care. They work with the divisional directors and clinical leads to ensure our services meet the needs of local people.

The borough directors and borough clinical directors are:

  • Borough Director: Eric Craig (interim)
  • Borough Clinical Director: Dr Bill Tiplady

  • Borough Director: Katy Millard Borough
  • Clinical Director (Camden Community): Dr Karim Dar
  • Borough Clinical Director (Hillingdon Community): Dr Sagar Dhanani

Borough Director: Tanya Paxton
Borough Clinical Director: Dr Tanya Thirkell

Borough Director: Kim Cox
Borough Clinical Director (Mental Health): Dr Mellisha Padayatchi

Borough Director: Ann Sheridan
Borough Clinical Director: Dr Claire Woolcock

Service Director: John Culley
Clinical Director: Dr Sheila Begley

Service Director: Lesley Halford
Clinical Director: Dr Stephanie Oldroyd

Borough Director: Ela Pathak-Sen (interim)
Borough Clinical Director: Dr Graham Behr

For our service lines we have service directors and clinical directors: 

Service Director: Jody Lombardini
Clinical Director: Dr Deepti Shah Armon

  • Service Director: Phil Bolland
  • Clinical: Dr Shamir Patel

Service Director: Jackie Shaw
Clinical Director: Dr Frances Connan

Service Director: Jo Carroll (interim)
Lead Psychologist: Annie Kemp (interim(
Lead Clinician: Dr Saadia Arshad

Service Director: David Dunkley
Lead Consultant: Dr Shirish Bhatkal

Service Director: Mark Maguire
Clinical Director: Dr Eva Jungmann